Your Pharmacist Has Answers. Please Ask Questions.

How to take advantage of this underused resource

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When you’re not feeling well, you might think to call a doctor or an on-call nurse. But did you know there’s a healthcare resource you might be missing?

Pharmacists can advise you on everything from side effects and drug interactions to over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements. In some instances, they can even give vaccines and counsel you on wellness strategies.

The best part? They want you to ask questions.

“Never hesitate to ask questions, even if you just want to know if you’re getting the best price,” says Kyle Dresbach, ScriptHero’s pharmacist-in-charge. “As one of the most trusted healthcare professionals, pharmacists are always here to help you drive down your family’s medical expenses.”

We asked our team of pharmacists how patients like you can best look for their help. Here’s what they told us.

Start with these questions

Pharmacists are the experts when it comes to when and how to take your prescribed medications, but you can also ask questions like:

  • Should I make an appointment with my primary care doctor or look for help at urgent care or the emergency room?
  • With my current symptoms, what kind of over-the-counter medications should I take first?
  • Thinking about my current medications, can I add a supplement or vitamin?

Get a fuller picture

Remember, pharmacists aren’t just there to fill your prescriptions.

By keeping them informed on what medications you’re taking and when, you can take advantage of their vast knowledge.

Pharmacists are knowledgeable in areas such as:

  • Brands and generics of commonly taken medications
  • Over-the-counter treatments and interactions
  • Recommended vaccines for the whole family
  • Which supplements might be helpful or harmful given your other medications

Ask about price-savings options

No one is more familiar with the latest prescription costs, so you can also ask pharmacists questions like:

  • Is there a less expensive medication that might give the same benefits?
  • Can you call my doctor to see if there’s a more affordable choice?
  • Is there an alternative treatment that my insurance covers at a higher rate?
  • Is there a copay or discount card choice?

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This article was last updated March 03, 2020

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