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My prescription is at the pharmacy and I want to use ScriptHero

You can use ScriptHero in a variety of ways. Your first steps will depend on how you want to use our service.

1. Has your doctor already sent your prescription to ScriptHero?

If so, you’ll want to claim your prescription in ScriptHero and then start comparing prices and pharmacy locations. Click here for more details on your next steps.

2. Want to compare prices for a prescription you already have? Or see which local pharmacies are in our network?

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Start by searching for your medication on scripthero.com. After selecting your medication name, you’ll be taken to the next step to enter details about your prescription, like whether you want the brand or generic version and your medicine’s form, strength and quantity.


After this step, you’ll set your location so you can start comparing local pharmacy prices. You can either search for pharmacies near your current location or by zip code.


Select the “ScriptHero discount price” — unless your prescription is part of our special brand-direct pricing program. If it is, you have the choice between our brand-direct price or the ScriptHero cash price.


After choosing your price, you’ll see prescription cash prices at local pharmacies. You can choose to sort by price, location or alphabetical order.

Once you find and select the most convenient and affordable pharmacy location in our network, you’ll get your discount card. You can email or text the card to yourself, or print it for a physical copy. You can also create a ScriptHero account and save your card there.


After receiving your ScriptHero card, remember to bring a copy with you to the pharmacy. Your pharmacist will need your card in order for you to receive your ScriptHero price.

Please also note: You can use the same card in the future. But since prices vary by pharmacy, you might want to compare each new prescription’s price on ScriptHero before choosing your pharmacy.

3. Is your prescription already with another pharmacy?

No problem! We can help you with this too.

If your prescription is with another pharmacy and you’d like to transfer it somewhere else, you have a few options. You can call the pharmacy or your doctor and ask them to transfer your prescription to your newly chosen pharmacy.

Or, to avoid this step in the future, ask your doctor to send future prescriptions to ScriptHero. That will free you to compare prescription prices and pharmacy locations without committing to a pharmacy pickup location while still at the doctor’s office.

We can then transfer your prescription to nearly any pharmacy in the country once you choose a location through ScriptHero.

Click here to read more about how to claim a prescription when your physician sends it to ScriptHero.

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