Introducing ScriptHero Pharmacy

A new solution that simplifies how patients fill their prescriptions

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ScriptHero Pharmacy

is a board licensed pharmacy

By empowering patients to participate in their treatment plan, ScriptHero Pharmacy combined with ScriptHero marketplace helps make prescription cash prices more predictable and improves medication access.

How it Works

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    Ask your doctor’s office to send your next prescriptions to ScriptHero Pharmacy. Once the ScriptHero Pharmacy receives the prescription, they’ll send you a text asking you to claim your prescription.

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    Using ScriptHero marketplace, compare cash prices at participating pharmacies in your area, see discount options, and choose the pickup pharmacy best for you.

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    Pick up your prescriptions at the pharmacy and choose to use either your insurance or the ScriptHero marketplace card!

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Sending your scripts to ScriptHero Pharmacy

Your doctor can electronically send your prescription to ScriptHero Pharmacy just like any other pharmacy. If they have trouble finding ScriptHero Pharmacy, show them the pharmacy information in the blue box above.

Take control of your prescription process

Have you ever wondered why you’re expected to tell your doctor’s office which pharmacy you want prescriptions sent to before you even get written a prescription? Ever wondered why no one is able to tell you what your medication will cost before you pick it up at the pharmacy? We do - and we think this process is unfair to patients. That’s why we created the ScriptHero platform.

Our Pharmacy Team

Meet the folks who make ScriptHero Pharmacy possible

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