ScriptHero Notification FAQs

You may have received a text or an email informing you that your healthcare team signed you up for a prior authorization messaging service through ScriptHero by CoverMyMeds.

Why are you receiving this notification?

Based on your coverage, your insurance plan requires a prior authorization on a medication you were recently prescribed. A prior authorization allows your prescriber to inform your insurance plan why you need this exact medication and why it should be covered.

Your healthcare team has signed you up for real time prior authorization alerts while filling out the required prior authorization in CoverMyMeds.

ScriptHero, by CoverMyMeds, partners with your healthcare team and insurance plan to keep you informed throughout the prior authorization process!

What should you do now?

We provided you with a link in a notification message sent by ScriptHero where you can find the status of your prior authorization! This was either texted or emailed to you.