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We’re here to help you along in your prescription journey by working with you and your healthcare team to keep you informed, organized and able to afford your medications.

Prescription Prior Authorization Updates

We partner with your healthcare team to provide you with instant updates on the status of prior authorizations needed for your prescriptions, along with savings opportunities when available.

Based on your coverage, your insurance plan requires a prior authorization on a medication you were recently prescribed. A prior authorization is a process requiring pre-review of your doctor’s prescribed medication before coverage can be provided. Through the prior authorization process, your doctor informs your insurance plan why you need this exact medication and why it should be covered.

You’ll receive an optional email or text invite if your healthcare provider participates while filling out your prior authorization in CoverMyMeds, an affiliate company to ScriptHero.

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Savings at the Pharmacy

We also offer a tool to search for potential savings on your prescriptions. Find discounts by entering your medication below. We’ll show you cash prices at convenient nearby participating pharmacies.