Your patients have options.

Share affordability options directly with your patients.

You can copy the link below and send to your patient via your EMR / Patient portal or email them, telling them about the program and copay options.

You can also download materials to send to the patient.

View the patient experience.

Affordability options for all scenarios.

While the insurance plan and your office coordinate to ensure this medication is the best fit for your patient, we recommend they sign up for a copay card and ScriptHero discount card, and work with your office and Pharmacist to determine the best outcome for the patient.

  • copay option for approvals
  • ScriptHero discount for denials

When to share?

  • Insurance copay is higher than the program price
  • No insurance coverage
  • Doesn’t qualify for other assistance programs

Spiriva® Respimat®
for / mo

Available for 1.25 and 2.5 MCG

$197+ retail Save 72%

ScriptHero discount card.

The ScriptHero discount card is a feature of ScriptHero that directly connects your patients with the makers of the medications they need. This direct connection allows them to get a lower cash price for the brand-name drugs you trust.
  • Works for all patients outside of insurance, even those covered by Medicare Part D
  • Guaranteed price lock for the calendar year
  • Accepted at 54,000+ pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid and more

Download materials to send to patient

View the patient experience.

For eligible commercially insured patients, we will also provide them a link to sign up for the Spiriva copay card.

View copay card website for Spiriva 1.25 MCG

View copay card website for Spiriva 2.5 MCG

(opens manufacturer’s website)

Did you know?

20% of patients pay more than $150 out-of-pocket for Spiriva, even when insurance “covers” the drug.

*comparing ScriptHero’s Pharma Direct price to insurance prices from transaction data at pharmacies across the country.

Spiriva Respimat packaging

(tiotropium bromide)
2.5 MCG